TempestOne  Weather System

A revolutionary yet cost-effective complete weather solution for turfgrass professionals.

TempestOne installs in minutes and includes hundreds of integration options to save time and money while reducing energy and water use. Point-specific forecasts, observational data, and critical alerts help your organization make real-time management decisions.


A Weather Station so Advanced it’s Simple

The TempestOne Weather System boasts a revolutionary design with simple setup, no moving parts, nearly zero maintenance, instant online data, and customizable alerts. Accurately measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, rain, sunlight, and lightning from anywhere your operation requires it has never been easier. The TempestOne Weather System also includes extended burn-in and testing and an industry-leading commercial warranty. See full TempestOne specs >>>


TempestOne Mobile App

Whether your organization owns 1 or 100 TempestOne stations, the setup process is simple and efficient. Once configured, data from your TempestOne stations is available through the app to your organization's key decision-makers. The TempestOne mobile app allows users to see observation data reported directly from your TempestOne stations as well as our AI forecasts powered by Nearcast™ Technology. The TempestOne mobile app also delivers notifications to your users on important weather events, like rain start events and lightning detected nearby.


Learn From Other TempestOne Users


Rachio is the leading smart irrigation company and they benefit from better weather data to drive the decision-making processes in their scheduling engine (when to water, how much to water, and when not to water). By integrating Tempest weather data into their system, they not only provide better data for their customers who own Tempest Systems, but they can also leverage the expanding Tempest network to serve their customers who don’t. 


Torus is a leading edge provider of renewable power, energy storage, and management systems enabling customers to make the traditional grid their backup plan. The Torus power management and orchestration system relies heavily on accurate weather data to automatically analyze and shift both electricity production and consumption. And Torus relies on their TempestOne partnership, including a Tempest System in every Torus home, to make their system hum.

Powerful Smart Home & Lawn Integrations

Trigger outdoor lights based on the actual brightness of the sky. Automate your smart sprinklers or lawnmowers to operate based on rainfall, wind, or frost. Get text alerts when lightning is approaching. Save time and money with a home that can optimize itself. Explore IFTTT integrations to inform your smart mower with real-time TempestOne weather data here>>>


Incorporate Nearcast™ Technology with TempestOne Essential

Each System includes a full year of our premium TempestOne Essential real-time data and guaranteed-better forecast service to help manage weather-related decisions. Our Nearcast™ Technology utilizes weather data from your location(s) and more than 60,000 other proprietary observation sites. We combine it with a massive amount of additional curated data and our own high-resolution AI-based models to produce extremely accurate point-specific forecasts.