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Tempest Weather System
Tempest Weather System
Tempest Weather System
Tempest Weather System

Tempest Weather System

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The meticulously designed Tempest Weather System leverages powerful machine learning and state-of-the-art modeling capabilities to provide the most precise, local forecast available - guaranteed. No moving parts, completely wireless, simple installation, with instant online access to weather data via free iOS and Android apps. 

Save time and money with smart home integrations, and protect your family and property with instant alerts to warn of rain, lightning, wind, and much more.  Learn more >>>

Ongoing Nearcast data services & forecasting provided without monthly fee for personal use only. Not just for personal use? See TEMPEST FOR COMMERCIAL


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Tempest Measured Variables & Features:

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Service in the US

  • Depending on rates and availability, free shipping within the continental US may be through USPS or UPS.

Service in Canada

  • Customers in Canada will be responsible for all duties and taxes.
  • Please be aware UPS is known to charge very high brokerage fees to the recipient for packages crossing the border. We do not recommend using UPS for service to Canada unless necessary. UPS service to Canada is suspended.


Shipping availability in other countries

The Tempest Station is only sold and shipped within the US & Canada at this time. 
You can fill out this form to subscribe to be notified when shipping is available in your country.

Freight Forwarders

Orders shipped to freight forwarders may be canceled with notice. There are different versions of the Tempest, which operate on different radio frequencies, certified for use in certain countries. Only certified devices are permitted to ship internationally for operation overseas.

Tempest Weather System FAQs

Why do I want a weather station at my house?

Most weather apps and weather reports from your evening news are based on public domain data — primarily from weather stations installed long ago at regional airports. Having a reliable weather station at your home gives you the benefit of knowing the exact conditions outside, (not at the nearest airport). Tempest also provides hyper-local forecast info, customized to your location and can even help you save money on heating & air conditioning by allowing your smart home tech to make automated decisions based on real-time weather data. Want more info on the uses of a personal weather station? Check out this blog post.

How is Tempest's forecast better than others?

Improvements are made to the local forecast as the machine learning (AI) ingests observations from your weather station and other observations in your area. We pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the observations coming from your Tempest and our Continuous Learning AI seeks to improve the quality of your unique observations. You will notice advantages in accuracy over other forecasts starting about ~60 days from the time of installation. You may notice additional improvements going forward as we learn more about your local weather.

Can I see my Tempest data online?

Yes. Once your system is configured (using the Tempest Weather mobile app on iOS or Android), you can view data and forecasts from any browser at tempestwx.com. Log in to the website using the same credentials you used to create your Tempest account or view the station data as a guest user.

Do I need WiFi to use the Tempest Station?

It is highly recommended to connect the Hub to a WiFi network. Doing so will enable continuous uploading of weather data and allow anytime data access from anywhere.


Commercial Weather Station Use

Please note that applications that go beyond personal use are subject to our CONSUMER TERMS OF USE

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