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TempestOne Weather Station

TempestOne Weather Station

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The meticulously designed TempestOne Weather Station leverages powerful machine learning and state-of-the-art modeling capabilities to guarantee the most precise, local forecast available. Our revolutionary solid-state design is completely wireless, requires minimal maintenance, and installs in less than 5 minutes. Get instant access to weather data via our free iOS and Android apps.

Select this station for all non-personal use applications by organizations — including businesses, government, commercial, clubs, or groups.

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Measured Variables and Features:

  • • Outdoor temperature, “feels like” temperature, humidity, dew point
  • • Station pressure and sea-level pressure
  • • Wind speed, direction, average, and gusts
  • • Lightning activity (strikes and distance up to 25 miles)
  • • Rain onset, intensity, duration, and accumulation
  • • DeltaT, wind chill, wet bulb temp, air density
  • • UV index, brightness, solar radiation
  • Nearcast™ technology: auto-calibration with continuous learning system
  • • Works with smart home devices. Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, and more

Tempest Weather System Specs

TempestOne Weather Station Includes:

  • • Tempest sensor device
  • • Flat base & pole mount attachments
  • • WiFi Hub (base station)
  • • Hub power supply
  • • Wood screw for temporary mounting
  • • Commercial use license


Business Premium Includes:

  • • Priority support
  • • Extended burn-in and testing
  • • Commercial Warranty
  • • Expert Meteorological Consulting available

Service in the US

  • Free shipping within the continental US may be through USPS or UPS, depending on rates and availability.

Service in Canada

  • Customers in Canada will be responsible for all duties and taxes.
  • Please be aware UPS is known to charge very high brokerage fees to the recipient for packages crossing the border. We do not recommend using UPS for service to Canada unless absolutely necessary. UPS service to Canada is suspended.

Shipping availability in other countries

The Tempest Station is only sold and shipped within the US & Canada at this time. 
You can fill out this form to subscribe to be notified when shipping is available in your country.

Freight Forwarders

Orders shipped to freight forwarders may be cancelled with notice. There are different versions of the Tempest which operate on different radio frequencies, certified for use in certain countries. Only certified devices are permitted to ship internationally for operation overseas.

The TempestOne Weather Station is intended for all non-personal use applications (ie. organizations including business, government, commercial, clubs, or groups.) 

Commercial Terms of Use

Purchase of TempestOne grants commercial use license for all non-personal applications. Includes first year of Nearcast Data Services and Forecasting with annual renewal on first anniversary ($5 per month per Tempest device). 

Bulk purchase for commercial use?  Contact us

Access the entire existing Tempest Network?  See TempestOne

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